Welcome to the Single State Electronic Registry (e-Registry) of the Republic of Tajikistan for business licenses and permits

Single State Electronic Registry (e-Registry) for business licenses and permits is the comprehensive source of information and materials on business licenses and permits required for carrying out certain types of business activities on the territory of the Republic of Tajikistan. Here, individual entrepreneurs and legal entities can access detailed information on relevant business licenses and permits, including requirements, costs, application forms and contact details for the relevant regulatory authority.

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To carry out a business activity which can result in aggrieving the rights, legal interests, health of citizens, security and safety of the state, the cultural inheritance of the people of Tajikistan and the regulation of which cannot be done by any other methods except licensing.

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Defines the kinds of activities which are subject to licensing, establishes the legal basis for issuing licenses, gives the right to conduct specific types of activities and is aimed at maintaining the standards and job specification in order to protect the interests and safety of individuals, society and the state.

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List of License Issuing authorities

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individual that holds that business license or business permit has a right to obtain a duplicate copy of that business license or business permit

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if the individual entrepreneur or business entity carries out the type of activity for his or her own needs. Also, if the type of the business activity carried out by an individual entrepreneur or legal entity is not subject to license or permit according to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Tajikistan, there is no need to obtain a business license or permit.

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Permit system regulations

Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On permit system"

Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "Of moratorium on inspections of business entities in the production sphere"

Application form for obtaining Certificate of business entities in production sphere for submitting to the State Commission of moratorium on inspection of business entities in production spheres

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